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There's a proper time and place to use stain on your hardwood flooring, and it all depends on what kind of flooring you choose to install. Homeowners installing solid hardwood flooring have more time to debate the perfect shade of stain since floors don't receive color until after they are installed and sanded. For engineered wood floors, the color must be selected when the flooring materials are ordered - that is, unless your home already has older engineered wood flooring that is in need of a face life. Regardless of what color you choose or when you choose it, selecting the best quality stain possible is important to ensuring your hardwood floors maintain a beautiful color throughout their lifetime. Just like many aspects of home improvement, you get what you pay for. Which is why Artisan Custom Hardwoods only recommends and uses the best stains manufactured by DuraSeal for hardwood installations or refinishing.

DuraSeal: The Best Stain Option

Whether you choose to go with a light or dark stain, the most important factor is the stain quality. DuraSeal provides spectacular stains in a variety of colors to meet the needs of your hardwood installation or refinishing project. DuraSeal manufactures more than 30 stains in a variety of shades - such as Ebony, Country White, Red Mahogany, Nutmeg, and more - to match your home's interior while providing color and protection for the wood underneath.

DuraSeal also provides other wood floor finishing products such as:

  • Fillers used to prepare interior wood floors before they are stained or finished

  • Sealers necessary for sealing the floor and enhancing the overall end result

  • Finishes used to protect your hardwood floor from moisture, scratches and other damage

  • Maintenance products such as floor waxes, cleaners and reconditioners

DuraSeal Denver

DuraSeal's stains vary greatly from ones you can purchase at home improvement stores as they are crafted specifically for hardwood flooring. These special formulas provide quality stain, leading to the best possible results in your floor's finishing process.

While many of DuraSeal's products can be used by do-it-yourself floor refinishers and craftsman, Artisan Custom Hardwoods always recommends contacting one of our flooring experts to ensure a properly completed job without damage to your hardwood floor investment.

DuraSeal products are only available through professional flooring companies such as Artisan Custom Hardwoods. Are you interested in a specific floor care product? If so, contact Artisan Custom Hardwoods for more information and to order the best products for your hardwood flooring's care.

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