Floor Inlays

Hardwood inlays often decorate the exquisite flooring of older, upscale homes. But you don't have to own an old house or be wealthy to add beautiful accents to your hardwood flooring. Artisan Custom Hardwoods creates custom inlays that fit your home's aesthetic.

Custom-Crafted Floor Inlays in Denver

Floor Inlays Denver Custom-designed floor inlays were once an expensive art form that only appeared in extravagant homes. But what exactly is an inlay? If you've ever seen detailed patterns or designs within hardwood flooring, you've likely seen an inlay. These designs are made from different types and colors of wood, then set into the floor when the hardwood is installed. In some cases, thin inlays are created and placed on top of existing hardwood to update the floor's appearance. Common inlay designs include:

  • Detailed room borders: Unlike standard floor borders, these floor inlays include intricate scenes, patterns or designs. It is not unusual to see flowers, leaves, ropes, ribbons or twists contained with borders or simply used as borders themselves.

  • Circular details: Commonly used in entryways or the center of a room, inlays draw attention with beautiful designs or pattern. These inlays often take the shape of stars, compasses or circles.

  • Large designs: Some hardwood inlays are the main focus of the floor. It's not unusual to see an ongoing, repeated pattern across a room or a floor mural underfoot. With this kind of inlay, there's no reason to use a rug as a design element - the floor does it for you!

But just because inlays are commonly used in these ways doesn't mean they're your only options. Luckily, Artisan Custom Hardwoods is dedicated to crafting all kinds of floor inlays that reflect your personal style, helping this art form to continue on while creating a hardwood floor worth showing off.

Considering Floor Inlays by Denver's Top Custom Company

Floor Inlays Denver Big box lumber and home improvement stores sometimes sell inlay components, so why consider a custom design? Hardwood flooring is a lifelong investment, meaning it can last through the lifetime of your home if installed and maintained properly. With that kind of lasting power, it only makes sense to install flooring styles that you truly love.

At Artisan Custom Hardwoods, we pride ourselves in creating high-quality, personalized inlays based on your interests and vision. Unlike mass producers of inlay pieces, we tailor every project to you and your home's specifications. You can't get that kind of service anywhere else.

Plus, our skilled hardwood team installs our custom creations, ensuring proper installation work. Because inlays require some finesse and must be installed in specific ways, this work is not for the do-it-yourself weekend warrior or handy man. Inlay work, just like the design, takes an intricate knowledge of installation, and our goal is to create hardwood art using the best possible installation techniques.

Choosing A Provider for Floor Inlays: Denver's Best Option

Artisan Custom Hardwoods combines knowledge of hardwood flooring with the element of design, providing you the best options for hardwood floor inlays. Our skilled design team is proud to create custom inlays that fit your vision. And, we offer superior installation to properly seat the crafted inlays into your hardwood flooring. Interested in a specific inlay design or wondering what we can custom create for you? Give us a call for more information.

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