Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring Denver

If you're new to hardwood flooring, you may not realize that there are differences in the kinds of components used to create your new floor. Many people initially love the look of solid hardwood flooring, but don't know much about it or if it's the right fit for them. Luckily, Artisan Custom Hardwoods' experts are knowledgeable about this traditional kind of hardwood flooring.

Solid Hardwood Flooring: Denver's Custom Designer Explains All

If you love the look of hardwood flooring and are looking for a long-term flooring solution, solid hardwood flooring may be your best option. This kind of wood flooring is most traditional and consists of individual milled boards that are individual installed. Solid hardwood flooring has a distinctive, rich appeal and is known for its durability. With proper care and maintenance, many hardwood floors easily last five decades or longer and it's not uncommon to find beautiful, original hardwood flooring in older houses. One benefit to solid hardwood flooring is that it ages gracefully with your home.

What to Consider when Selecting Solid Hardwood Flooring

Determining what kind of wood flooring best suits your home and lifestyle can be tricky. If you're unsure whether solid hardwood flooring is the best option for your living room, entry way or throughout the entire home, consider these factors:

  • Installation area: Are you looking to replace flooring in one room or throughout your home? While larger installation projects are often more costly simply because of the labor and materials involved, but don't let that deter you from seeking solid hardwood flooring that you love. Artisan Custom Hardwoods can offer you quality hardwood solutions that fit within your budget and vision.

  • Exposure to moisture: Because solid hardwood flooring consists of individual boards making up one floor, moisture can be a concern. In damp or highly humid areas, boards can shrink or expand as they fluctuate with moisture and temperature changes. If you're considering hardwood flooring for a bathroom or basement, engineered hardwood flooring may be a better option.

  • Board width: No two hardwood floors are the same, and that's largely due in part to personal preference for board size. Hardwood flooring boards come in a variety of sizes, including narrow strip (up to three inches), plank (between three and five inches) and wide plant (five inches and larger). Some homeowners even choose to install parquet squares to create a checkerboard effect. Board width can drastically change the look of a room and is important to consider when redesigning flooring.

  • Color and texture: Solid hardwood flooring comes in countless textures, colors and wood species. You're not limited to North American lumbers, thought domestic hardwoods such as cherry, white oak and maple offer beautiful, uniform grains and patterns. For solid hardwood flooring with more depth, consider hickory or red oak boards for their natural variations.

Solid Hardwood Flooring Denver

Artisan Custom Hardwoods Knows Solid Hardwood Flooring in Denver

Installing solid hardwood flooring is a project you'll want to have done right the first time. Instead of sweating over do-it-yourself installations or subpar contractor work, consider Artisan Custom Hardwoods. Call us today to for more information on installing solid hardwood flooring in your home.

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