Floor Maintenance

Floor Maintenance Denver Have you recently installed hardwood, laminate or vinyl tile? Or perhaps moved into a new home with non-carpeted surfaces? You may be wondering how you'll care for these different kinds of flooring. Hint: sweeping or vacuuming isn't all you'll need to do.

Why Floor Maintenance in Denver Homes is Important

Now that you have hardwood flooring - or similar products such as laminate or vinyl tile - you may be wondering if you have to do anything to it. Flooring is often a large investment into the look and feel of your home, and to keep that investment in top shape, it will require a little maintenance. While many people choose to undertake their own regular maintenance, they often don't know exactly where to start. The time and care you take, as well as the products needed, depend on what kind of flooring you have and any special needs.

How Floor Maintenance Differs By Flooring Type

While it's obvious that you'll need to occasionally sweep, vacuum or dust mop non-carpeted flooring, there is more to maintaining what's underfoot. First, consider the kind of flooring you have.

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring: Be sure to sweep or vacuum your floors regularly to avoid dust and grime build up, but be careful of vacuum attachments that could scratch or knick flooring with intense bristles. Clean up spills or water drips quickly, and when it comes to mopping, swap out water and bleach for specialty hardwood floor cleaners.

  • Laminate Flooring: All floors need regular vacuuming or sweeping, laminate included. While laminate can take more of a beating, especially from children or pets, be careful not to cause additional scratching from vacuum attachments. Regular mopping with a laminate floor cleaner can help your floors keep their shine, but be wary of using soap-based detergents or bleach which can damage floors, dull the surface or leave slip causing residues behind.

  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring: One perk to luxury vinyl flooring is its durability. Since it is not an actual wood product (but appears to be one), you'll have fewer restrictions when it comes to cleaning. Just like other flooring, be sure to vacuum or sweep often to clear dust, and be sure to avoid cleaning implements that scratch. A light mopping with water and diluted floor cleaner (avoid intense chemicals such as bleach) will do the job to restore shine and clear away dirt.

We're Experts in Floor Maintenance in Denver

Floor Maintenance Denver If you're unsure about the kind of care the flooring in your home needs - or if you think your flooring needs additional cleaning and maintenance services - don't be afraid to ask us. Artisan Custom Hardwoods has years of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining not only hardwood flooring, but other kinds of flooring such as laminate and luxury vinyl tile. After helping you discover the beauty of hardwood, or make repairs and upgrades to existing flooring in your home, our goal is to help you maintain it for years of enjoyment.

Give us a call to learn more about floor maintenance and how you can best ensure decades of flooring longevity.

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