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Pallmann Flooring Products Denver

After the hard work of selecting your hardwood flooring and a reputable company like Artisan Custom Hardwoods to complete installation, you've put in a lot of effort into upgrading the value and beauty of your home. Don't let that slip away by using low-quality or poor performing floor maintenance products. Artisan Custom Hardwoods recommends Pallmann flooring cleaners, surface treatments and installation products in to maintain such a beautiful investment and uses these products during installation to insure the best work possible.

Using Pallmann Flooring Products in Your Home

Over time, your hardwood flooring may begin to show signs of daily wear and tear - or worse, accidents that leave behind dulled finishes, stains or deep scratches. Pallmann offers a variety of floor products to help turn back time on your hardwood flooring, allowing it to age gracefully. Some of these products include:

  • Subfloor preparation: Pallman creates primers, moisture retardants and other chemicals that help prepare existing subfloors for hardwood flooring installation. Beginning with the best possible subfloor is integral for ensuring a successful installation. Pallman also manufactures leveling compounds and subfloor installation tools to help jobs go smoothly.

  • Adhesives: Pallman manufactures a variety of hardwood flooring adhesives that are often a necessary component in installation and repair. These include glues for tongue-and-grove installations as well as adhesives specifically meant for use during repairs.

  • Surface treatments: Over the span of your floor's lifetime, it will likely need some kind of surface treatment to heal scratches, scuffs and other damage. Pallman provides joint compound fillers specifically designed for wood floors, as well as sealers to help intensify and enhance wood color, oil and water-based finishes, and accessories used to help with the curing, staining and sealing process.

  • Cleaners and waxes: When it comes to cleaning your home's hardwood, using caustic chemicals like bleach can lead to extreme damage. Pallman offers a variety of hardwood floor cleaners specifically formulated to strip away grime and dirt while maintaining the beauty and health of your hardwood flooring. In addition, Pallman creates its own line of natural oils and waxes to help flooring and other wooden elements throughout your home maintain their depth and appearance.

Pallman also provides other flooring products that can help restore the current hardwood flooring in your home, including sanders. These products are best used by professionals (such as Artisan Custom Hardwoods) or certified hardwood flooring restorers who can ensure that work is done properly without additional damage to the floor's surface.

Pallmann Flooring Products Denver

Artisan Custom Hardwoods Recommends Pallmann Flooring Products

Pallmann flooring products have a proven quality and effectiveness, which is why Artisan Custom Hardwoods is happy to recommend Pallman flooring products. After helping you discover the beauty of hardwood or make repairs or upgrades to the current hardwood in your home, we look forward to helping you properly care for your investment.

Want to learn more about using Pallmann flooring products? Give Artisan Custom Hardwoods a call for more information on hardwood, vinyl tile and a laminate care.

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