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Laminate Flooring Denver

Laminate flooring of the past served a great purpose - it resembled hardwood flooring while providing smooth services for families to enjoy at a less expensive price point. But modern laminate flooring has improved drastically, making it a superb option in place of traditional hardwood flooring.

Laminate Flooring: Denver's Custom Designer Explains All

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to carpet or other kinds of flooring, especially for homeowners looking for an attractive, long-term solution. With modern improvements in laminate design, there's a style that reflects nearly every personality to fit your home's aesthetic. But how does laminate differ from hardwood flooring?

While hardwood flooring is traditionally made from milled wooden boards (solid hardwood flooring), or boards made from layers of wood (engineered wood flooring), laminate has an entirely different construction. Laminate floors contain four layers, each with a special job.

  • Wear layer: This top layer is clear and protects the floor from daily wear and tear such as scuffs, spills and dings. It also safeguards against fading.

  • Design layer: The second layer is what you actually see - it's the design you've selected. This layer is constructed from high-quality images of wood (or other materials such as brick or stone) that are extremely realistic.

  • Inner core: The third layer is created from a high-density fiberboard to create the durable base of your laminate flooring. This inner core is made from materials that protect against moisture, while also absorbing sound.

  • Backing: The final layer to laminate flooring helps strengthen the board against moisture, preventing warping and other kinds of disrepair.

Because of this four-layer system, laminate flooring is highly durable and a smart choice for active lifestyles or households with children or pets.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Denver Laminate flooring comes in many beautiful shades and colors to suit your personal or aesthetic preferences. But that's not all that's great about this versatile flooring.

  • Fast installation: Because there's no need to cure or nail laminate flooring during the installation process, it often goes much faster. Many laminate flooring styles simply snap together for quick installation, while others do require some glue. And, after installation, laminate is instantly read to use.

  • Budget friendly: Any flooring project you chose to undertake can be costly, but with laminate flooring products, you can expect to stretch your budget further. Because there's less work involved compared to traditional hardwood flooring, laminate usually costs less to install.

  • Easy maintenance: One major perk to laminate flooring is how easy it is to care for. Clearing away dust and debris is quickly done with a mop or dust mop, and vacuum cleaners can also be used (though be weary of attachments that can lead to scratches). With an occasional mopping using laminate floor cleaners, your flooring can remain in top shape without worry or time-consuming maintenance.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods Knows Laminate Flooring in Denver

We offer laminate flooring solutions because we know that it's a great option - and a useful kind of flooring in your home. Considering laminate flooring in your Denver home? Speak with the Artisan Custom Hardwoods team today to learn more about your laminate options.

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