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If you're considering replacing carpet or tile with hardwood flooring (or alternative styles of wood flooring), you may be in over your head with the specifics. Between the countless flooring product brands and manufacturers, styles, colors - not to mention maintenance and cleaning products - it can be tricky to determine what works best for you. At Artisan Custom Hardwoods, our experience in hardwood and flooring products ensures we can recommend the best products, from the initial installation to care many years down the road.

Floor Products: Denver's Artisan Custom Hardwoods Recommends the Best

Hardwood flooring is a large investment in the appearance and value of your home. For a flooring style meant to be in your home for decades, the team at Artisan Custom Hardwoods wants to ensure you have the best possible products underfoot. For this reason, we offer flooring products and materials from top names in the hardwood flooring industry, including Armstrong Flooring, Bruce and Kentwood.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods provides these brands of hardwood products based on their quality, timelessness, durability and company reputation. Regardless of what kind of hardwood, luxury vinyl tile or laminate you install in your home, we know you expect quality and long-lasting beauty. For this reason, we choose to design exquisite floors with Armstrong Flooring, Kentwood and Bruce products, all of which come from establish companies committed to excellence in residential flooring. These brands offer industry-standard warranties and quality customer support - something that is just as important to us as it is to you.

Selecting the Best Flooring Products for Routine Care

Floor Products Denver But choosing the best flooring products doesn't end with installation. While the care for your new flooring varies by material, some upkeep is involved to ensure it lasts for years to come. For this reason, we recommend quality products by Bona, Pallman and DuraSeal to complete the work and maintain the excellent, expertly installed floor in your home. We understand that busy homeowners and families don't have a ton of time dedicated to cleaning and caring for their new flooring - and that's just fine. Our goal is to only recommend flooring products that are easy to use, have excellent results and are proven to effectively extend the life of your new flooring.

In many cases, Artisan Custom Hardwoods also recommends flooring products for floors that haven't been maintained in some time or need additional help. These include new refinishing products, cleaning products, stains and even cleaning tools. Whether you chose to install your flooring with us, or are looking to maintain older flooring that's seen better days, our expert team can recommend the best flooring products and course of action.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods Knows About Flooring Products

Don't feel overwhelmed by the countless kinds of flooring products available to you. Artisan Custom Hardwoods can point you in the right direction, showing you quality flooring products in person while recommending superb cleaning and care products for after your floor has been installed. Want to learn more about our flooring product brands? Give us a call for more information on these top-quality products and how they can be used in your home.

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