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Floor Borders Denver

Have you ever seen exquisite wooden floors with intricate designs? Before deciding that decorative floor borders are too difficult or expensive to install, think again. Artisan Custom Hardwoods specializes in crafted floor borders and accents that stand out in your home.

Custom-Crafted Floor Borders

When it comes to creating a charming, distinct hardwood design in your home, floor borders can add definition, not to mention one-of-a kind elements that won't be found in your neighbor's living room. Many people love the look and elegance of hardwood flooring but don't realize that floor borders are an option. These decorative elements can upgrade already beautiful hardwood flooring into a stunning component in your home's design.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods is proud to create custom-designed floor borders based on your unique tastes and interests. We gladly work with clients to design and develop distinctive floor borders that match your home's aesthetic without overpowering the rest of the room's interior.

Hardwood Borders - Your Choice

Floor borders have several uses - they're not just for show! While many people look to inlays - intricate designs used to add accents to your hardwood - floor borders are just as useful in adding depth and value to your home. But you may be surprised to find that floor borders have other purposes. If you've never considered a floor border, know that adding one to your hardwood design can:

  • Help define a space or specific area: Many modern homes have open floor plans, meaning there is often no specific definition between living and dining spaces or other rooms. Adding a floor border to a portion of the area can help create some kinds of division without having to add a wall or other divider. Using floor borders to define dining or family areas is common, and even if you choose to rearrange the flow of your home, the floor border will remain a neutral yet upscale element.

  • Useful cover-ups for damaged wood: If you're making repairs, floor borders can help. Borders can be used to replace damage boards or areas, especially in cases where damage is around an entryway or small room, or the center of the floor remains in good shape.

  • Help with installation issues: In some installations, floor borders can be helpful when it comes to working in odd-sized or shaped rooms where installation is tricky. In other cases, floor borders can be useful around in-floor electrical outlets, vents or intricate nooks and crannies. Floor borders can also be a useful tool when it comes to repairing botched floor installations.

  • Add extra flair: If you're not a fan of carpet or rugs, hardwood floor borders can add extra definition and style to your room. Regardless of how you restyle the space, floor borders will almost always remain a classic element.

Floor Borders Denver

Handcrafted Floor Borders

Artisan Custom Hardwoods is a local business that is proud to create your custom hardwood floor borders. We involve your input in every portion of the design and installation process, with the goal of creating a final hardwood flooring product that not only stands out, but stands the test of time.

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