Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood Floor Repair Denver Have you been covering portions of your hardwood floor with a rug or are considering carpet because of unsightly, damaged areas? Before going to extremes and banishing those boards, let Artisan Custom Hardwoods help.

Flooring is a portion of your home used every day - it gets much more use than even light switches or doors. This means over time, dings, nicks, scratches and other daily wears can happen, leading to permanent damage. Or, larger events like flooding or pest invasions can cause drastic, irreparable issues. Know that your hardwood flooring is worth saving and can easily be repaired.

Why Hardwood Floor Repair in Denver is Our Specialty

Hardwood Floor Repair Denver At Artisan Custom Hardwoods, our focus is on helping you love the hardwood flooring in your home. Sometimes this means helping our clients install hardwood or maintain older wood flooring. But we're also experts in repairing hardwood flooring that's seen better days.

Hardwood flooring can be a costly investment, but it pays off over the decades you own, live in and love your home. And just like other major investments, it sometimes needs a little help to maintain its longevity. Unlike other flooring providers and hardwood floor repair companies in Denver, we will work to preserve your existing hardwood floor wherever possible, respecting and maintaining the investment you've made in your home instead of pushing you to completely replace or cover the hardwood.

Think You May Need a Hardwood Floor Repair Expert in Denver?

It's easy for minor damage to add up. You may be wondering just when it's time to call in a repair specialist. In most cases, you should consider scheduling repairs for your hardwood flooring if:

  • You've found termite damage: Hardwood flooring can also suffer from termite damage, just like other wooden elements and structures in your home. If you find that termites or other pests have infiltrated and destroyed portions of your hardwood, a repair is likely necessary.

  • Areas of your floor are warped: If you find that some boards have twisted or warped, water damage could be the cause. Unfortunately, most water-damaged hardwood must be repaired or replaced, as boards can continue to warp over time, leading to other damage or safety hazards.

  • Your floor has heavily worn areas: It's common for older homes with hardwood to exhibit signs of heavy wear. Because flooring never gets a break - you're always using it - areas can begin to wear down or create low spots.

  • The floor has been heavily scratched: Not all repairs have to be major work. Sometimes, small daily activities like moving furniture can cause large, ugly scratches. Artisan Custom Hardwoods is skilled at making minor repairs promptly, helping to prevent larger issues later on.

Whether it's a large area or just one board causing issues, Artisan Custom Hardwoods can help repair and restore your hardwood flooring.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods is a leading hardwood floor installation, maintenance and repair company providing a variety of services to Denver homeowners. Instead of dealing with deteriorating hardwood floors, give us a call. Our expert hardwood team is skilled at identifying flooring issues and providing solutions that help you love your flooring once again.

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