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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Denver

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Denver's Best Provider

Artisan Custom Hardwoods is experienced at installing new hardwood flooring. But, we are also skilled at improving the existing hardwood in your home. We know that hardwood flooring is a life-long investment. With care and regular maintenance, wood flooring can serve your home for decades, providing a sleek, timeless look that exudes elegance. But, after some time, hardwood flooring can begin to lose its natural beauty simply due to daily wear and tear like scuffs, discoloration, dings and other kinds of damage.

If you find that your hardwood is beginning to look dull and has lost some of it's appeal, it may be time for the floors to be refinished. Hardwood floor refinishing can give new life to an old floor, allowing you to once again love your hardwood look instead of covering it with rugs or carpet. With a new finish, your flooring will have a restored color and shine.

Considering Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Denver?

If you already have hardwood flooring and have made the effort to maintain it regularly, you may be wondering why hardwood floor refinishing is necessarily. In reality, choosing to install hardwood flooring is a large investment that pays off for years to come. In most cases, hardwood ages beautifully and it's appearance actually gets better with each passing year. But after many decades have passed - especially ones where flooring doesn't receive much care - hardwood floor refinishing may become a necessity.

How do you know if that time has come? Here are a few indicators that your hardwood flooring may need to be refinished:

  • Maintenance products don't seem to be helping. If you find that your floors seem dry and dull regardless of the time you take to care for them, it may be time for refinishing. Artisan Custom Hardwoods' refinishing process will make them shine like new.

  • You've repaired the flooring. If you've recently done repairs on portions of your hardwood, you may find that the color and feel of the flooring doesn't match up. Refinishing the entire area can help blend repairs and while boosting the lifespan of the entire floor.

  • You no longer love the color. It's not uncommon for color preferences to change over time. If your hardwood no longer matches your home's aesthetics - or you've moved into a new home with a color you cannot stand, refinishing is a relatively inexpensive option.

In some cases, damage can be too severe and even refinishing can't save the hardwood. This is common in cases where your home has suffered water damage, or boards are beginning to warp, split or sag. In cases of extreme scratching, where heavy grooves or deep cuts have damaged boards, hardwood floor refinishing may not help.

Unsure About Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

If you're not quite sure if hardwood floor refinishing can save your current wooden floors, consider speaking with the expert flooring team at Artisan Custom Hardwoods. We can examine your floors to determine the best course of action, and help you return the hardwood flooring in your home to something worth beaming about.

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