Prefinished Wood Flooring

Prefinished Wood Flooring Denver

Prefinished wood flooring is a great choice when it comes to installing beautiful new hardwood in your home. But, you may be wondering what sets prefinished wood flooring apart from other kinds of hardwood styles and materials.

Prefinished Wood Flooring: Denver's Custom Designer Explains All

Prefinished wood flooring has many of the benefits of traditional, solid hardwood flooring. It adds beauty and value to your home and makes carpet care a thing of the past. But there are some differences between prefinished wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring, namely in the way it's finished and installed.

Also called "factory finished" hardwood, prefinished wood flooring comes ready for installation, meaning there's no need to sand, cure or stain the wood during the installation process. This differs from other kinds of solid hardwood flooring that must have the finish - a protective top coating - applied once floors are installed. With prefinished wood flooring, installers simply lay the boards (normally in a tongue-and-groove fashion). There's no need for additional work to the flooring, which means you can use it much faster.

Advantages of Prefinished Wood Flooring

Prefinished Wood Flooring Denver Prefinished wood flooring comes in a variety of colors, textures, styles and wood species, meaning it's easy to replicate the look of solid wood flooring without the additional work that comes along with it. Because there are fewer steps to installing prefinished wood, this kind of hardwood flooring is often less expensive than traditional solid hardwood. There are other perks, too:

  • Lasting durability: Prefinished wood flooring holds up just as well as solid hardwood flooring, and it's likely due to the curing process. In most cases, prefinished wood flooring components receive more finish coating during the manufacturing process than solid hardwood flooring.

  • Additional protection against scuffs: Because hardwood flooring is a major investment into your home, many people worry about damage to their floors - and rightly so! Prefinished wood flooring often has thicker layers of protective coating, which can help guard against scratches, scuffs, dings and other kinds of damage.

  • Easier installation: We've already mentioned that prefinished wood flooring has fewer steps during the installation process. While all major flooring installations can be stressful for homeowners, there's less to worry about with prefinished wood flooring. Because there's no need to sand or cure the wood, there's no dust or odors to worry about. Floors can be walked on during the installation process, meaning you won't have to block off portions of the house until work is completed.

  • Room for change: If you every change your mind about the finish of your wood flooring, you're not stuck. Like other kinds of hardwood flooring, prefinished wood can be sanded and refinished to reflect upgrades to your home or during repairs.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods Knows Prefinished Wood Flooring in Denver

Selecting and installing quality prefinished wood flooring is important for your flooring's longevity. Artisan Custom Hardwoods is proud to offer customized services to ensure you have the flooring style of your dreams with the guarantee that it will age beautifully alongside your home. Call us today for more information rejuvenating what's underfoot with prefinished wood flooring.

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