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Kentwood Flooring Denver

Installing beautiful floors in your home starts with selecting the best possible materials. At Artisan Custom Hardwoods, we know that your lifetime satisfaction with the hardwood, luxury tile vinyl or laminate flooring installed in your home begins with the selection process. For this reason, we only supply our hardwood materials from reputable and quality suppliers such as Kentwood.

Installing Kentwood Flooring in Your Home

Kentwood is a leading company in hardwood flooring products, based in the United States with offices in Denver. Kentwood's upscale designs incorporate both trendy and classic elements, providing you with a variety of styles to fit your home's aesthetic.

Kentwood Flooring Denver Kentwood specifically manufactures only hardwood flooring elements, including solid hardwood materials and engineered wood products. This specialty means higher value and craftsmanship put into every Kentwood floorboard. Kentwood's dedication to hardwood flooring is evident in their product offering, allowing you to install comfortable, authentic and sustainable floors in your home. Some of the offerings you'll find in Kentwood's catalog include:

  • Beautiful domestic hardwood styles: Kentwood's focus on hardwood is evident in its beautiful and wide range of domestic hardwood materials. Oak, birch, hickory, maple and walnut are commonly offered in a variety of shades, sizes and finishes. Kentwood also provides modern and classic stains to fit nearly any home décor.

  • Exotic wood flooring: While Kentwood is focused specifically on hardwood flooring as opposed to alternatives such as luxury vinyl tile and laminate, the company does provide non-domestic floor resources such as cork and bamboo. These exotic woods are available in engineered styles, allowing Artisan Custom Hardwoods to quickly install them in your home.

  • Antiqued and European styles: If you've ever wished for hardwood flooring reminiscent of years past, Kentwood may have what you're looking for. Its line of antiqued hardwood flooring revives the look of vintage woodworking, while it's European-inspired hardwoods can make large statements from the floor up.

  • Trimwork and transitions: Like many wood flooring companies, Kentwood provides all the fixings and materials necessary to add finishing details to your hardwood flooring. These include moldings used to fill odd spaces between flooring and wall bases; T-molds used to cover seams between hardwood flooring and other flooring styles such as carpet or linoleum; and reducers to nicely define step-down areas leading away from your hardwood flooring. Kentwood also provides a specialized cork underlay (and other kinds of protective floor covers) to place under your hardwood flooring for optimal comfort.

Artisan Custom Hardwoods Recommends Kentwood Flooring

Artisan Custom Hardwoods only recommends the best quality hardwood flooring materials for installation in your home. Our goal is to provide you with top-notch floors, which starts from the manufacturing process at Kentwood. By using superb Kentwood flooring we ensure that our finished floor installation provides you with unique, modern and timeless design, not to mention ready for years of enjoyment. Has a specific hardwood flooring style caught your eye? Give Artisan Custom Hardwoods a call for more information on installing your home's dream flooring.

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